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Free Methodism is unique.

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Fernley Free Methodist Church
100 S West St
Fernley, NV
Email: Pastor Don

Phone: (775) 575-4424

Welcome to the Fernley Free Methodist Church web page.
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Service time is Sunday morning at 11:00 AM.

Mission Statement
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The mission of the Free Methodist Church is to make known to all people everywhere God's call to wholeness through forgiveness and holiness in Jesus Christ, and to invite into membership and to equip for ministry all who respond in faith.

Light & Life
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Light & Life magazine is the official publication of the Free Methodist Church .

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The Free Methodist Church began in 1860 with the simple idea that church should be free and open to everyone. They took a stand against the common practice of renting pews. They took a stand against slavery. Thus calling themselves Free Methodists. 150 years later what does FREE mean to the movement called the Free Methodist Church?
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As the name implies, Free Methodists trace their heritage back to original Methodism as led by its founder, John Wesley. When Methodism came to America, churches and annual conferences spread across the land. In 1860, in western New York and Illinois, the Free Methodist Church came into being. In New York a group of 1,000 Methodist laymen held several conventions and were joined by evangelical Methodist pastors. On August 23, 1860, the new denomination came into being.

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